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If you live in, or are moving to the Hampton Roads area and have been searching online for "Realtors Near Me," look no further!

As a REALTOR, Christopher Wright's number one mission is to serve his local community and help transition those interested in homeownership into the next phase of their lives.

Chris was born in the Greater Boston area. He served in the US Navy as Chief Petty Officer for 20 years. While on active duty, Chris fell in love with Virginia. As a result, he spent all those 20 years dedicating his time to serving the local community. Chris graduated from Thomas Edison University and holds numerous certifications for electrical and engineering.

It's one thing to find a REALTOR who understands the in-depth business of Real Estate. But when you run across a real estate professional who also has an engineering background, you know you're in good hands!

Thanks to his extensive education and military training, Chris brings over 20 years of project management experience to the real estate profession. He's also skilled in electrical work, plumbing, structural and mechanical engineering. In addition to caring about his clients, Chris has valuable expertise to prepare them for a smooth transition to homeownership. Whether you're buying or selling, Chris would love the opportunity to guide you and your family through this important phase of your life.

In his free time Chris enjoys working out and educating people on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Above all, Chris is passionate about volunteering with special needs children and spending as much time as possible with his wife and five children.